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When Timberline Custom formed we recognized the need for a simple yet dynamic and highly functional solution to the following question.  How can I  explore the wilderness, when I dont have an extra vehicle to permanently change.  We were already building tiny spaces within vehicles that are comfortable, functional and beautiful. However, we also recognized our clients desire to have a single vehicle that has the ability to transform from a weekday commuter to a weekend transporter.   With that in mind we challenged our design and build teams to fill this void. The end result was wanderlust modules, or Wandermods. Our team of designers and builders dedicated themselves to  researching, designing and crafting each WonderMod to unite user friendly functionality and stylish looks.   These badboys give you all the functionality of a camper van, capable of creating a comfortable on the road adventure.  Within minutes you can transform your vehicle into a tiny home on wheels and pull out onto the road to adventure and new memories.

WanderMods lrg

How do they work?

Moving Wander.png
Mountain Curvy.jpg

Hook It Up

Connect your WanderMod to the removable base in your vehicle, lock it down and you are ready to go.  Yes, its that easy.


Watch the world disappear in your rear view mirror.  You are now at the beginning of a new adventure with all the comforts of home tucked into your tiny living space on wheels.  Explore a new hiking trail or climb a mountain with the peace of mind you'll be coming back to your happy camper when you are done.


Just as easy to install as disassemble.  Unlock it, disconnect the base. Store for use on the next journey.

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