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Our Process

You may be wondering how to get started on a full custom build or perhaps a smaller project.  Read on to see how Timberline Custom's process works.

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Initial Contact

The beginning

Every journey starts with the first step.  We begin every project by discussing what you are looking for in your build.  Leave on a Friday night, come back on Sunday? On the road for months on end?  Off grid power solution? No matter the situation, we have you covered. You can contact us via email or direct message to setup a one-on-one consultation.

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We have a plan

Let us do what we do best

Once a design has been excepted and approved we will set the wheels in motion. This will include:

  • Price for your dream build.

  • Timeframe of your build process.

  • $500 non-refundable deposit (to hold your build timeframe)

  • 50% deposit for materials

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Team Member

Lead Mechanic

Use this space to write a brief description of what this team member does. You can include relevant degrees, experience or other special qualifications they may have.

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